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    Madhav Reddy
    OTBI CX Reporting - Best Practices
    Topic posted September 6, 2019 by Madhav ReddyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Reporting and Analytics, Sales 
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    OTBI CX Reporting - Best Practices
    OTBI CX Reporting - Best Practices
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    • Cyrille Saulnier

      Thanks for this very useful guide! Very handy indeed.

      Quick question on the below

      Always use hierarchy based login concepts when rollup numbers by Resource hierarchy

      ("Sales Resource Hierarchy"."User Organization Hierarchy Based Login" = VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."USER_PARTY_ID"))

      Does it mean this will take into consideration all the sales rep in the hierarchy, including second level reports (and more) and not just direct report?

      How do you recommend to test it before sending it to the client?

      Thanks in advance

      • Priscila Terazawa



        Yes, it will consider the organization and reps in the organization as long as the org does not bypass the limit (I believe it is 17) of the hierarchy and you should always keep it updated. Meaning that if you have a change in the organization, you need to run the "Reporting Hierarchy Generation" ESS job to synchronize the hierarchy.

        Best regards,