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    How to display all of the description on the Requisition...
    Topic posted June 28, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, How-To 
    How to display all of the description on the Requisition Email Notification
    How to display all of the description on the Requisition Email Notification

    Customers / Support

    There was a recent post that I thought would be of common interest to share.

    Business Requirement:

    This customer is using the BIP Email Notifications and noticed that the description printed on the notification was truncated. They wanted to understand how to display the full description in the notification.


    The following was provided by our development to help the customer with this requirement. Remember it is a given that you know how to use the RTF template that the BIP notification uses and you are aware of the process to download the same and also are aware of how to make the customizations. Our documentation in provides details on all of these processes for your additional guidance.

    The steps below should help you achieve this change once you have downloaded the template and followed the steps to copy the template to a separate folder etc.

    1 Right click on the attribute field you want to increase the size (Description

    2 Select BI Publisher

    3 Select Properties... 

    4 Select  the tab Advanced

    5 Change the string 


    replace 66 with 240(which is the maximum size of the Description) 

    6 Click Ok.

    I do hope this is useful information that will help you to make similar such minor customizations.


     1. Remember the current email notification template has been optimized for the mobile application view. So when you make changes, take into consideration the display impacts on your mobile app