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    Albert Godfrind
    Purging old document versions
    Topic posted December 17, 2018 by Albert GodfrindRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Content Management, Documents 
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    Purging old document versions
    Unable to get rid of old versions without going through each and every file

    I have started using the documents cloud as an alternative to other document sharing services. But I'm hitting a wall that makes it hard to use.

    Every time I modify a file on my laptop, that file gets uploaded to the document cloud as a new version. After a while I run out of space in the cloud service. At that point, my only option is to look at EACH AND EVERY FILE one after the other, check the versions that file has, then go and DELETE EACH AND EVERY VERSION except the current one. Then finally empty the wastebasket.

    This is fine for a couple of files. My directory has some 200 files, organized in a directory hierarchy: presentations, scripts, data files, program code ... Needless to say that the above process is just impossible.

    I have been looking for a way to:

    1. Either do a global "purge" of all old versions
    2. Or disable the versioning entirely (I don't need that at all - I have sufficient automatic backups to not worry about one more).

    I hope I have been missing something and that some hidden setting exists to do the above



    • Igor Polyakov

      As a service admin you can set a maximum number of versions per file. By default it is unlimited. The setting is in Administration > Settings > Documents.

    • Albert Godfrind

      I am using the public documents service ( I don't see any setting that lets me change that. All I see is a "Preferences" button that lets me change settings like language and date format, notifications .... One setting is for "Documents" but that only lets me see how much space I have and use ...

    • Igor Polyakov

      I see. You need to reach out to Oracle PDIT who administer this instance. Anyhow, I'll check with them if there is a reason for not limiting number of versions.

    • Albert Godfrind

      Sorry, but I have no idea who "PDIT" is and who to contact. There is not link for anyone to contact or report issues. But while you are at it, can you also ask why files ending with ".exe" are prohibited ? While all other executables (shell scripts, Linux executables, MacOS executables and scripts, Python scripts, ...) are all accepted ? Hopefully that will not lead to them also blocking those files, since that would make the service 100% useless.

      • Marc Houle

        PDIT is the internal IT group managing the Public Documents environment. You can log an internal SR with them to ask about the maximum number of versions and (at the same time) which files are prohibited. Right now, the restrict the upload of some types of files, like .exe files, for security reasons.

    • Mark Paterson

      An administrator can control the number of old versions that are kept to help control this. See

      • Albert Godfrind

        Sure. But I am just a simple user of the Oracle public documents cloud service, and there is no option for users / customers to control that ...