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    Travis McGarrah
    How to create a copy of an inventory organization
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by Travis McGarrah, tagged FAQ, How-To, Inventory Cloud 
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    How to create a copy of an inventory organization
    My company is adding a few inventory organizations and I am wondering how we can copy from an existing location so we don't have to add all the items to the new org manually.

    My company is deciding to add some new inventory organizations. During this process, I have already added 1, but I had to manually add items to the new org and it took a while to do so.

    Does Fusion allow me to copy an inventory organization to create a new one so all the items in a current org will transfer to the new inventory organization?

    For example: Org 999 has 10,0000 part numbers in it. I need to create org 998 to have all the same parts as 999, but it will be a separate location. What is the proper way to create a copy to help minimize the amount of time for this implementation to happen?

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    • William Brand

      Hi Travis,

      While there is not yet the capability to copy or duplicate an inventory organization such that the items are copied as you describe, the PIM suite does have a feature for item grouping.  The basic concept is that  you can collect localized sets of orgs, with one serving as a local parent and all of the child orgs inheriting the item definitions.  An organization may be deemed a definition organization, and will be responsible for the item definitions. It serves as the parent.  Any other organization may be set up as a reference organization, pointing to a definition org.  All of the items for the reference organizations are inherited from the definition organization.  The functions for assigning these two states are controlled as actions in the inventory organization parameters parent/manage page. You can find more documentation on the capabilities here:

      Hope this helps!


    • Dave Prasad

      Hi Travis , 

         Please refer to the below additional resources for more details on how you may optimize item management using Organization Grouping

      1. Optimize Item Management using Organization Grouping

      2. (if you are upgrading )  Item Grouping Behavior - An Use Case Approach for Upgrade Customers (Doc ID 2454561.1)



      • Travis McGarrah

        So how does this affect the sales account information on the PIM? Or can we still have different sales accounts for each location? Or will those be tracked off of the Definition Organization?