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    Kim Puls
    PPM statuses
    Topic posted March 7, 2018 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    PPM statuses
    Is there documentation on how to use these statuses...

    We are fairly new to R12 (getting ready to upgrade to R13 in the near future). Our Sponsored Programs office is want to know if there is documentation on award/project/contract statuses? Since we can't reduce and award we want to be able to stop spending when a final invoice has been paid but we've not completed the final reporting on the project. Or we have a rogue PI and we need to shut down spending temporarily...

    Thanks - Kim



    • Dustin Grabowski



       The project status can be used to control if new spending can be incurred on the project.

      You'll want to create a new status that does not have the 'Create new transactions' status control enabled.

    • Kim Puls

      What is the difference between closed and close pending?