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    Jasmine Lee
    Tips for polishing your OPA policy model
    Topic posted July 1, 2015 by Jasmine LeeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Tips for polishing your OPA policy model

    I've created a presentation with Tips for Polishing Your OPA Policy Model. The presentation covers the following topics:

    Substitution and Sentence Generation
    – Name Substitution
    – Gender Pronoun Substitution
    – Second Person Sentence Generation
    – Substituting Names in Labels

    Screen Configuration
    – Labels on Interview Screens
    – Interview Stages
    – Containers
    – Entity Collect Screen
    – Adding Images to Interview Screens

    Enhancing Web Determinations
    – Look and Feel of Web Determinations
    – Configuring Attribute Value Formats
    – Configuring Standard Message Strings
    – Document Generation using BI Publisher

    User Input
    – Default Values for Attributes on Screens
    – Validating User Input – Event rules
    – Validating User Input – Data tab
    – Value Lists

    Improving the Explanation (Decision Report)
    – Trimming Explanations – Attributes
    – Trimming Explanations – Relationships
    – Intermediate Attributes

    Language Support
    – Adding a Verb to the Default Verb List
    – Adding a Translation Layer
    – Writing Rules in Other Languages