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    Jason Christiansen
    Unable to Cancel invoice with tax calculated after 18C
    Topic posted January 3, 2019 by Jason ChristiansenBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Payables 
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    Unable to Cancel invoice with tax calculated after 18C

    We have found an issue that we think is related to our 18C upgrade we took a couple weeks ago. We try to cancel an invoice after tax is calculated and we are getting error messages. The invoice says "needs revalidation" at the top, but when you validate it says it cannot be validated because it has an accounting hold and is pending cancellation. We try to Calculate Tax and get an error that This action is not applicable for the invoice in its current state. It shows it has a line and distribution variance, but when we go into the Distributions, it shows all the lines are gray and the Distributions Total Amount and Remaining Amount are both 0.00 and balance. Save and Close did nothing either. Lastly, the Tax line in the separate section shows that the line is Canceled and has a check mark in the box.

    Has anyone else experienced this after your upgrade? We were in the last month, so only recently upgraded. Thanks!



    • Becky Alvarez

      I think you should log a Service Request with support for this one. 

    • Logan Wacker

      Whether its an issue with 18c or a tax calculation change depends on your observed issue as we're seeing multiple iterations of this issue. What we're experiencing is tax lines are created on an invoice that causes the revalidation status because the amount due has changed due to the recalculated tax. If you've enabled 'Allow Adjustment to Paid Invoices' then you should be able to cancel the tax line, validate the invoice and resubmit for approval or force approve, and observe a properly accounted for invoice.

      Would still log an SR as your scenario could vary.

    • Miki

      I spoke with my business users today as we are just migrating to 18C-  they say this has been occurring since day 1 intermittently, they have not discovered a pattern - Our Go live was 11/01/2018 on 18B. Not sure if this helps, but may help to point that it is not a new issue in 18C, 

    • Becky Alvarez

      Have you logged an SR?

      • Jason Christiansen

        We did (well our managed services team did). I just reviewed the SR and there is a bug (Bug-28919714) which they have a patch for. It sounds like we will be getting the patch for this soon.

    • Becky Alvarez

      That is good news.  Thanks for sharing.