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    Vignesh Senthil Kumar
    Agent Browser UI
    Topic posted March 16, 2017 by Vignesh Senthil KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited March 16, 2017 
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    Agent Browser UI

    Can i get Any Sample code(working code) for BUI.
    i just need to know where to apply those scripts. So if any one have the code kindly share it here.

    Thanks in Advance,




    • JustRhianna

      Can you provide more details on what you are trying to accomplish? I would love to help but with so little information it is difficult.

    • Vignesh Senthil Kumar

      Hi Rhianna,

      Am just new to this Browser UI concepts,so for the beginner can i get any working code ,that's fine for understanding..
      In documentation all the codes are of on_load concepts, so if any code other than that helps me a lot.


      Thanks & Regards,