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    Kim Puls
    Error message when accessing PFM
    Topic posted October 1, 2018 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Grants Management, Project Management 
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    Error message when accessing PFM
    Every time we access PFM we get the attached screen shot


    At least one of the following attributes Project Name, Project Number, Project Manager, Team Member, Customer, Project Set, Class Code, Organization is required.


    This pops up when we click on PFM from either the home page or the navigation page. See attached for actual error message.






    • Avesh Ganodwala

      Hi Kim,


      The issue is occured due no mandatory required field are pre updated hence we the error attached. To fix you modify the search and save, make that as a default search and you would not get that issue again.



      Avesh Ganodwala

    • Anunay Sinha

      Hi Kim,

      As I see in your screenshot, the saved search executed on the page is "My Active Projects", which queries for projects in Active project system statuses and with logged in user as the team member. As team member is one of the mandatory attributes that can be independently used for querying projects, you should ideally have never hit this error.

      I am interested in knowing whether you removed the team member value from the search panel. If so, please add it back to avoid this error. Note that, due to performance improvement reasons, the projects can't be queried based on ONLY project status.