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    Steven Getze, CMA
    Valid Intersection Configuration
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Steven Getze, CMARed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Automation, Data Integration, Dimensions, Income Statement, Insertion Points, Reports, Smart View 
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    Valid Intersection Configuration
    Has anyone successfully developed?

    In my Test application I have configured our full set of specific GL Account & Department Valid Intersections (each "rule" is composed of the account, its associated "valid" department combinations, plus the years of 2018 thru 2021).  This is necessary, because we occasionally see invalid combinations in entity loads but have no way to identify them; the presence of them causes FCCS's Net Income to be incorrect.  Now I am testing and viewing available reporting.   As a test, I loaded an entity load file to August 2019 via Data Management that includes an invalid account/department combination, and expect to see this invalid combination when I run an Invalid Intersection report.  But, I do not, even when I create the report that include the specific "invalid" intersection.   Additionally, when I run an "open" report with no optional dimensions, I only get data for FY2015.   This makes no sense, since I identify only FY18 thru FY21 within the rules .   

    I suspect my configuration is flawed - it seems straightforward so I have no idea what is flawed.   I can find nothing in Oracle publications to assist me. 

    Has anyone successfully developed Valid Intersections in FCCS who can tell me what I'm doing wrong?   I have attached an excel file that shows the invalid combo in an adhoc plus screenshots of my configuration.   I appreciate any guidance.



    • Wendy Willis

      I have successfully configured Valid Intersections for FCC.   I came across the exact issue you are reporting.  

      Through some testing, I verified that Data Management did not recognize the Valid Intersections and allowed the data to be posted.  A quick review in an Ad Hoc verified the data loaded to what should have been an invalid intersection.  I then tested using an Ad Hoc to manually input to the Invalid Intersection.  The Ad Hoc was yellow cell and allowed input, but as soon as I hit "submit" the system cleared the data.  To get around the issue in Data Management, I added mapping to process the data correctly.   My valid intersection was for valid ICP for intercompany accounts.  So, the mapping was easy to correct to a valid ICP.


      • Steven Getze, CMA

        Hi Wendy,  Thank you for your response.  From what I think I understand, you are managing intersections via mapping in Data Management.   Have you built out your valid intersection rules within FCCS, and if so, have you used any of the Valid Intersection reports within FCCS to identify those that are invalid (as a means of testing).

        • Matthew Jacobson

          I have experience building out valid intersections within PBCS. In terms of Data Management, I have seen that the valid intersections do not apply if the Target Application Load Method is set to "Numeric Data Only". It must be set to "All data types with security". With this setting, the data will fail upon the Export step if it is loaded to invalid intersections when loaded by an end-user. The Error Log from DM will show a "List of Rejected Cells" for each record that didn't pass. 

          However, regardless of the Load Method, I have not been able to enforce the Valid Intersections in Data Management when loading from Service Admin credentials. It seems this will always go through. Data must be loaded from an end-user credentials. The Valid Intersection report is also available within PBCS, but unfortunately I haven't had any luck in generating this either. I understand this isn't the answer you were searching for but hoping this information is still useful.

    • Duygu Becermen

      Valid intersections only fail if you load data as a Power User or User via Data Management.

      Regardless of your application role, when you retrieve a web form or create an ad-hoc grid, the valid combinations are greyed out (if the valid intersection rules are configured correctly).

      I couldn't see the attachment you've mentioned but if you can share a screenshot, I could probably help. We have implemented some complex valid intersection rules and we do not experience any data load issues. It is blocked when there is an invalid combination in the data file being loaded.