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    Dave Dengate
    Invoice Image not displayed in Chrome
    Topic posted June 28, 2017 by Dave DengateBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Invoice Image not displayed in Chrome
    Invoice Image not displayed in Chrome

    Depending on which browser is used the Invoice Image is not always displayed (See attached screen shots). 

    IE – Displays 
    Chrome - Nothing displayed 



    • Ashish Kumar Pandey

      There are things which work on IE or Firefox completely and not on Chrome.

      Please check once clearing cache, as it resolved same kind of issue I was facing earlier for me, and try once with Firefox as well.

      Kind Regards!

    • Dave Dengate

      Ashish, thanks for the comment, unfortunately clearing the cache has made no difference, it does not even try to run the Java script (this runs okay on IE) to retrieve the image.

      As for FireFox Oracle now state the Invoice Imaging does currently not work with FireFox  :-

      IMAGING: Issues with Firefox plugin when viewing Images attachments in Invoice UI ( Doc ID 2270318.1