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    Manoj Pote
    Mass Reassign Requisition Tasks
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Manoj PoteBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, FAQ, How-To, Requisition Processing, Setup, Tip 
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    Mass Reassign Requisition Tasks
    Mass Reassign Requisition Tasks


    We have a scenario where we would like to mass reassign requisition approval tasks for an approver who is no longer with the organization. Is there is functionality in R13, 19B that fulfills this requirement? Any pointer highly appreciated.






    • Ashok


      We recently reviewed this for a different customer. One of the suggestions provided by development was as follows:

      BPM supports mass reassignment of assigned tasks. Admin can select all the tasks assigned to the current person and reassign it to another user in a single shot. Mass update of approval rules in not support from the UI.

      We also explored another option but did not recommend it because it could potentially cause issues with the approvals. That involved exporting the rules through SOA composer, editing the rules file and updating the old username with the new username and then import the rules.

      But this is bereft with risks and hence not recommended.


    • Sunny Chugh


      just want to know if anybody has checked the below rest APIs, thats gives flexibility to perform bulk action on the tasks.

      Perform Bulk Action on Tasks



      Performs action on multiple tasks based on the payload. The bulk SYSTEM actions supported are REASSIGN, DELEGATE,WITHDRAW,SUSPEND,RESUME, DELETE,PURGE and ESCALATE.Custom Actions will be according to what is defined in the task definition.