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    Jesus Escobar
    Lot Control Raw Materials With The Web Service...
    Topic posted July 1, 2019 by Jesus EscobarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Production Execution, Work Execution 
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    Lot Control Raw Materials With The Web Service CreateWorkOrderOperationTransaction
    Integration WMS Logfire - MFG Oracle Cloud Error

    Greetings community.

    The following case is presented.

    There is an article PT which has a BOM with the following articles





    Currently has assembly pull as a supply for all Raw Materials and does not have CONTROL LOT

    Right away through the Work Order Operation Transaction Service an integration with information that comes from WMS Logfire indicates the lot, quantity of the PT to confirm.

    By having assembly pull the materials are consumed automatically when the PT is confirm.

    For example   if the OT have 100  to confirm    but i only notificate 10, the consumption of raw materials is done by 10 those units according to the BOM.


    Now the scenario changes where the raw materials begin to have LOT CONTROL.

    When the Work Order Operation Transaction Service is invoked, it presents an error since the raw material now having a batch can not be invoked because the service can not select the correct lot for each raw material. (FIFO).. Using the web services "OperationTransactions/WorkOrderOperationTransactionService/createWorkOrderOperationTransaction" to complete a Work Order but activate the Lot Control for those items, the web services returns the next error "Lot or serial controlled backflush components A (A is the parent item) in operation sequence 10 cannot be transacted." 



    Oracle Cloud Application 19A (



    • Valerie Dubois

      Hi Jesus - 

      To report lot or serial controlled components via a web-service, please convert them to "push" and use our material transaction web service, then call the operation completion web service.

      • Jesus Escobar
        Hi Valerie.
        I Make the invocation of web / fscmService / WorkOrderMaterialTransactionService? WSDL
        <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:typ="" xmlns:mat="" xmlns:lot="" xmlns:ser="" xmlns:wor="">
                       <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
                          <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
        The situation is how indicate to the Web services that it must look for the Lot number through FIFO conditions.
        <mat: TransactionLotInput>               
                <mat: LotNumber> L004 </ mat: LotNumber>            
               <mat: TransactionQuantity unitCode = "UN"> 1 </ mat: TransactionQuantity>           
        </ mat: TransactionLotInput> 
        This must have been that a raw material BANDEJ_01_30 has L004,  L005 … L00N, indicated that it must first take L004 and then at the end of that L004  start with L005  and so on.  FIFO conditions.