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    M Sridhar
    OIC: for-each inside for-each issue
    Topic posted December 14, 2018 by M SridharSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Cloud, ERP Cloud, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, PaaS, REST, Web Services, xml 
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    OIC: for-each inside for-each issue
    for-each inside for-each issue

    Hi All,


    I tried to enable a integration that has for-each inside for-each activity. it is throwing below error.


    If I take out one inside for-each , integration getting activated...Please comment if you have any pointers.


    Deployment Failed: Error occurred during deployment of component: FRTCLS_TEST to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: FRTCLS_TEST: ORABPEL-05215 Error while loading process. The process domain is encountering the following errors while loading the process "FRTCLS_TEST" (composite "oracleinternalics/FRTCLS_TEST!01.00.0000*d8d042d4-3804-4cc2-8ee6-5464539efd52"): Failed to compile bpel generated classes. failure to compile the generated BPEL classes for BPEL process "FRTCLS_TEST" of composite "oracleinternalics/FRTCLS_TEST!01.00.0000*d8d042d4-3804-4cc2-8ee6-5464539efd52" The class path setting is incorrect. Ensure that the class path is set correctly. If this happens on the server side, verify that the custom classes or jars which this BPEL process is depending on are deployed correctly. Also verify that the run time is using the same release/version. . This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying process loader module. Check the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode). If there is a patch installed on the server, verify that the bpelcClasspath domain property includes the patch classes.