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    Unable to edit field from Service Request contact...
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration, UX 
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    Unable to edit field from Service Request contact relationship
    Unable to edit field from Service Request contact relationship

    Objective: While adding contacts to a service request, we have to specify what role that contact plays in the service request.

    Steps followed:

    1. Created role field in Contact member object (under SR object)

    2. Exposed it in the Contact list page (subtab under SR page)

    3. I can add a contact or create a new contact from the contact subtab, but for none of them, this field is editable.

    Basically, unable to edit the field that is present form the Interseciton object b/w SR and Contact.

    Attached screenshot. 


    Quesiton : How to mention the role of the contact for a SR?






    • Karyn Kurland

      The list of Contacts is a read only list that does not allow for edits of the data. If you were to edit the Contact, you would have to go to the Edit Contact screen to make a change to that contact for example the phone number.  But then that change like the phone number would be shown under any SR that the contact was a member. 

    • Reghu
      Thanks Karyn for your response. That's the problem, this field is at the relationship level, not specific to any contact. So this field will not be in edit page of Contact. So contact A can be caller role for sr1 and with other role in sr2. Moreover I read in one of the recent releases, editing subtab list inline was introduced.. isn't it applicable for oob tabs?
    • Karyn Kurland

      Are you referring to the Click to Edit functionality that was mentioned here https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/tutorial/cloud/r13/nfs/r13-2018-engagement-nfs.htm?  If yes, that only applies to the landing page lists like My Open Service Requests or My Open Accounts. This feature is not applicable to the subtabs.

    • Reghu

      I was talking about a feature as attached for subtabs. 

      So, if I have to choose the role for a contact for that specific SR, what should be the way then>

      • Karyn Kurland

        Unfortunately, that functionality is not available for the Contact subtab under the Service Request object. It is a read-only list and cannot be modified that way. Contact support and ask them to raise an enhancement.

    • Reghu

      Thanks Karyn for confirming this.  What would be the ideal way in this case to edit something at the intersection level, currently?  Because raising ER and for the feature to get into the product will take a long time.