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    Quick Start Live Events- more info please
    Topic posted August 3, 2018 by OptimusPrimeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Quick Start Live Events 
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    Quick Start Live Events- more info please
    Looking for more info on the Quick Start Live Events


    I am looking for more info on the "Quick Start Live Events".  Where can we find Dates, program info, and cost (if any) related to this?



    • Lauren Gelfound

      Hi there.

      Great question! Using your Oracle SSO credentials, you can find the schedule for the Cloud Quick Start Live Events here

      And there is no cost for this free introductory training!

      Good Luck!

    • Lauren Gelfound

      HI there.

      When you go to click on the Register For a Live Event red button.

      That should work.



    • OptimusPrime

      Thanks Lauren. That helped.

    • Elizabeth Propeck

      Clients are very interested in these, however the schedules include absolutely no information about the platform or features that will be highlighted in each event.  It is difficult for clients to justify blocking out a 1/2 day to join an event that may not cover anything they need.

    • Lois Houston

      Hi, Elizabeth, here is a brief overview - we are working to get the site updated with more details as well.  Hope this helps.

      Join Oracle University for a virtual live tour of Oracle Marketing Cloud. This free informal seminar will provide an overview and summary of capabilities, and will also breakdown some of the latest comprehensive tools for unifying customer data, analyzing behaviors and sentiment, and executing precise marketing programs. This session will provide an overview of Oracle Marketing Cloud and how it combines the capabilities of Eloqua, BlueKai, Compendium, and Responsys. Get the most of your Oracle Marketing Cloud investment, started creating and attracting your ideal customers today.

      • Samuel Dawson

        Hi Lois - Any update on adding details to the Quick Start Live Events page? I've received some feedback about wanting to see more specific details about what will be included on the HCM Quick Live Events (before the event occurs). 



        • Lauren Gelfound

          Hi Sam,

          The descriptions for the QSLEs is collapsed so if you don't hit more, you may miss it. Here is what it says for HCM:

          This ½ day seminar will highlight the architecture, the suite of products, examples of user flows and sample configurations within your Oracle HCM Cloud applications. Perfect for those new to the Oracle HCM Cloud service, this seminar will demonstrate these important features and more: Fundamental business processes; Business adoption and implementation considerations; Base analytics etc.

          There is no cost to attend these events and the curriculum pretty much centers around introductory product overviews and features.

          Hope this helps.


          • Samuel Dawson

            Thanks for your reply, Lauren. I did see this overview, which is helpful. I was more so wondering if there would be specific descriptions for each event (assuming each live event covers a different topic)?