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    Bernice Lam
    Announcing an Improved Points System
    Announcement posted June 3, 2018 by Bernice LamBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Commerce, CPQ, Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, GRC, HCM, HCM Customization Solutions, HCM Midsize - TBE, Infrastructure - IaaS, Learn - TEE, Platform - PaaS, PPM, Procurement, SCM, Talent, Talent Acquisition - TEE, Workforce Management, Workforce Rewards 
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    Announcing an Improved Points System
    Oracle Cloud Customer Connect
    Announcing an Improved Points System

    At Oracle, we know our community members are special, therefore we are constantly looking for new ways to deliver a unique and rewarding online community experience.

    Recently, we conducted 3rd party research on gamification and incentivization with the goal of increasing community collaboration, and we have identified an optimization opportunity.

    As a result, our activity-driven points system has been adjusted to align with current social best practices.  For example, members are now rewarded with more points when commenting on posts, providing product ideas, or rating other member's contributions.  By promoting collaboration, the whole community becomes more vibrant, all while contributors grow their personal brand and reputation.

    For more details, please visit the Reputation Management – Champion Level page.

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    • Eric VanAuken

      Nice change.  When I first came in today I went ... Whhaaaaaaaaaaa??????   Trying to figure out how I got so many points over the weekend.    Then I saw what you folks had done.    I thought I had been sleep contributing and just came out of it!!!!

    • Eric VanAuken

      You might want to check the link on the home screen for people as it is still using the old point system and telling them they are higher ranked than they are.


      It shows the new points and new total but is going off the old levels.  See below:



    • Saidas N K

      Nice change

    • Shaan

      It's a great idea to build the community. 

    • Saidas N K

      This is helpful

    • Mark daynes

      I too think that this will encourge more particiation in threads.