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    PravinKumar Munnaluri
    How to hide interface Purchase orders from supplier portal
    Topic posted July 11, 2019 by PravinKumar MunnaluriRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Orders, Security, Supplier Communication 
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    How to hide interface Purchase orders from supplier portal
    How to hide interface Purchase orders from supplier portal


    We are interfacing some of the Purchase orders into Oracle from external systems for financial transaction purpose like invoice matching purpose only.

    Is there any way we cannot display Interface Purchase orders under Manage orders in oracle Supplier portal.





    • Suman Guha

      Invoice Matching would still require supplier collaboration including hold resolution, payment status queries where the portal would be of value. Am not understanding the concern with exposing orders in the portal. The orders should be in appropriate status to prevent duplicate shipments.


    • PravinKumar Munnaluri

      The original PO document will sent to supplier from External system and oracle PO will be duplicate order. Legally this is not correct process . Hence we want to hide the interface purchase order from supplier portal. Please suggest.



      • Suman Guha

        Your options would be

        1) not to interface these orders into cloud procurement at all and do the integration of financial transactions directly to GL from the external system.

        2) interface them as Confirming Orders with email and/or B2B communication turned off and for supplier portal users to clearly understand that these are not new orders for fulfillment.