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    Sachi Mohanty
    Unable to generate Shipment lines for Ooutside Processing
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by Sachi MohantyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud 
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    Unable to generate Shipment lines for Ooutside Processing
    OSP is second operation. SHipment lines not generated whn previous operation is completed

    Op 10: In house operation

    'Op 14: Supplier Operation with generate SHipment lines checked

    Created work order and completed Op 10. Expecting to shipment lines iunder Manage Shipment Lines in Inventory>Shipments. No shipment lines generated.

    Requisition create successfully. Converted Requisition to PO and still don't see the shipment lines generated. Also ran the Generate Shipment Request, still dont see any shipment lines generated. See attachment for WD setup.




    • Madhu Punuganti


      This flow requires MFG to invoke WSH APIs to create the shipment lines for this. So have you guys checked if there are any error or pending records using 'Manage Shipment Message Interface' ADFdi spreadsheet?

      If there are no records there then MFG has not invoked the necessary WSH APIs to create those lines. If that is the case, then have this conversation with MFG team in their appropriate forum.