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    Subrahmanyam Vempati
    Oracle ATP -DB Password
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Subrahmanyam VempatiBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged DBCS, Transaction Processing 
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    Oracle ATP -DB Password
    Oracle ATP -DB Password
    Hi Experts, Is it possible to get Password for SYS user. Any default password to access as sysdba? Thanks, Vempati



    • Simon Law

      There is no SYS (or SYSDBA) access with Autonomous Database, ADMIN is the superuser for managing ATP.

      • Subrahmanyam Vempati

        Hi Simon,

        There are SYS/SYSTEM users, please find the below snapshot from SQL developer of ATP. I need sysdba user to create some repositories in ODI. Admin is not super user I guess.





        SQL.PNG (16KB)
    • Simon Law

      Vempati, there is no user log in available for SYS or  SYSTEM , ADMIN is the only administrator for Autonomous DB. 

      Regarding ODI, ODI on-prem release doesn't support repository in ATP. However the ODI Market Place image does support repository in ATP.


      • Subrahmanyam Vempati
        Thanks Simon, I have used same marketplace Image to create ODI instance by ATP(create new repository option).But Is it possible for me to create a new work repository without having sys login? Please help me with any references. I am not even able to connect to master/work repositories that this stack creates in ATP. Regards, Vempati
        • Ashish Mittal

          You can not create a new work repository in MP - one is created for you by default. Do you need more than one work repo? If so, would you be willing to share the use case?