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    Haiquea Karol
    Travel Distance
    Topic posted October 15, 2018 by Haiquea KarolGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged API / Integration, Configuration 
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    Travel Distance
    Calculation of Distance Travelled by a Field Technician throughout the day.


    Is there any parameter or API available which provides information about the distance travelled by the Technician (km) during the day?

    I checked the GPS API's, Location API's as well as Smart Location API's, however there is nothing related to the distance. Also the avialable reports are much more focussed on the Travel Time. 

    Please suggest.






    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Haiquea,

      OFSC isn't has that option. I propose to use the Idea Lab, or use a different solution, or calculate it based on total travel and average travel speed.


      • Haiquea Karol

        Hi Zsolt,

        With 'Total Travel' what do you mean? We have the travel time associated to each activity and in the available standard reports we have the total travel time for each technician for that day. How can we use them to calculate distance?

        Can you elaborate more?




        • Zsolt Tolgyesi

          The average travel (with a car) for the technician who is working just inside the city is ~20km/h (you can do a test day with a technician, and can refine this value). So if a technician summarized travel for the day is 3 hours then his travel will be 3*20 = 60km. I don't have a better approach for this, but I think it's better than nothing.

    • shankar

      IMO, it is more of a telematics solution which should solve this need. I am not sure if OFSC stores real time traffic speed information for you to pull reports to calculate total distance travelled.

    • Martin Plante

      If that may help, a BI person from our operations was using the x and y (lat and long) coordinates of the from and to locations on technician routes to request through a Google service the street distance between the 2 points.  He was limited to 2000 request per day I think.  For more, you will need to pay for the service of the public Google api.

      The BI person was comparing the travelled distance in OFSC (reported by tech) and the calculated by Google api distance.  This allowed to find technician that were outside an accepted range between the two.



    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Haiquea,

      If you donot want to get into complexities then you can just create a field Travel Distance (travel_distance) and keep this as a mandatory field in the End Activity Page. the tech can enter a approx value. If the tech is using Google maps to find the route then the maps shows the distance from source to destination. The field technician can add this value.

      Also, as Zsolt suggested you can raise this in IDEA lab for getting distance on the activity. I also like Martin's idea to use the co-ordinates between two activities to get the distance.