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    Jean-Pierre Dijcks
    Release Update and Roadmap for BDA 4.x (CDH 5.x) and...
    Topic posted December 14, 2018 by Jean-Pierre DijcksSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited January 22, 2019, tagged Big Data Appliance, Hadoop, Spark, Tip 
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    Release Update and Roadmap for BDA 4.x (CDH 5.x) and 5.x (CDH 6.x)
    A short review and update of the upcoming release dates for BDA releases

    As we race towards the end of 2018, based on questions from the community, here is the latest information on releases to expect for the BDA platform:

    BDA 5.0 - CDH 6.0.2: While we tried hard to squeeze it into the calendar year, we now expect this to release second half of January 2019

    BDA 4.14 - CDH 5.15.x: We expect that to happen, with a bunch of additional upgrade, migration etc testing early March. There is a small chance this can slip into February, but for upgrade planning to the last CDH 5.x, I would go with March 2019

    Lastly, one of the key things some of our customers are looking at, the in-place update of Oracle Linux 6.x to Oracle Linux 7.x. This one we anticipate to be an updated base image that provides the capabilities, and are on track for a mid-January 2019 delivery to customers.

    As you all know, we really try to get releases out as quickly as we can, but specifically going to C6, we do want to spend the time to get the (or most) upgrade issues sorted out before releasing. Thanks for your patience.

    Thanks all for a great 2018, hope that we can make your upgrades robust and successful in 2019.


    CDH 5.x, CDH 6.x



    • Jean-Pierre Dijcks

      One more correction on the above. It looks like we are going to go with CDH 6.0.1, as 6.0.2 is not yet available. Rounding out the release and hope to announce the availability shortly.


      • Greg Haskell

        JP - We're trying to plan our next upgrade from BDA 4.11 (CDH 5.13) and I had a couple of questions and was wondering if you might have some feedback. Before continuing, I should mention that we have an on-premise BDA, not cloud, but I'm hoping these questions would still apply to on-prem. 
        1) In your first post, you mention that the last CDH 5 based release will be BDA 4.14 which will be CDH 5.15.x. However, BDA 4.13 is already on CDH 5.15. Was this just a typo or is the version of CDH really not changing from BDA 4.13 to BDA 4.14? 

        2) I see from Cloudera's site that there is no upgrade path to CDH 6.0.x from CDH 5.15 and higher. So this means that if we upgrade to BDA 4.13 or higher, we'll have to remain on CDH 5 until a BDA release comes out that's compatible with CDH 6.1. With that in mind, do you have any sort of guess when we might anticipate a BDA release that's compatible with CDH 6.1? (2Q2019,3Q2019, "impossible to say or share at this point :-)", etc). 


    • Craig Decker


      I am really interested in CDH 6.1 due to the erasure encoding.  Can you give an update oracle's plans to make this available on the BDA?