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    How to access RCU in ODI Marketplace?
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Mohan, tagged ODI 
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    How to access RCU in ODI Marketplace?
    ODI in the marketplace comes with pre-built MySql and WLS. How do we create work repositories in a oracle DBCS.



    • Jerome Francoisse

      The RCU can be found under /home/opc/oracle/oracle_common/bin/.

      The latest release of ODI Marketplace (v201b) now uses ODI which supports ADW as a repository. During provisioning of ODI Marketplace it is now possible to choose to create a new repository on an existing ADWC instance or to reuse an existing repository on ADWC in addition to the MySQL alternative.

      If you create a new master repository you might want to have a new agent connection to it. The utility can be found under /home/opc/oracle/oracle_common/common/bin/

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      • Subrahmanyam Vempati

        Hi JermeFr,

        Thanks for your quick response, Could you please help us with the below points.

        #1.We have tried creating the ODI instance with Embedded MySQL through marketplace, Could you share some information on how we can create work repositories for higher environments.

        #2: We have also configured ODI instance with Oracle ATP ( Create a new ODI repository in Autonomous Database.) option. Does it create a ODI repository automatically in ATP or we need to run RCU separatley to create ODI repository schemas.?