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    Shaheela D
    Can w able to disable the default queue in OEC ?
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Shaheela DBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Performance - Fusion, Service Request Management 
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    Can w able to disable the default queue in OEC ?
    While creating SR the default queue is automatically set against the SR

    Hi Team,

    When a SR is created from Agent UI, automatic routing will not be happen, it should assign to that particular person who created this SR.

    Below is my scenario.

    I am having a queue named as "Customer Service". In that 2 resources are there "Agent 1 , Agent 2".

    When the Agent 1 creates an SR by manual, then the "Queue" should set to "Customer Service" and the "Assigned to" field should set to "Agent 1". But this is not happening. By default, the "Queue" as "Default" and the assigned field as empty.

    Please refer the screenshot. In which the The reported by person created that SR and he is in part of Customer Service Queue.

    But now the "Default" was mapped. 


    Based on this doc we can't edit/delete the default queue. 

    So how to achieve this functionality or can we able to disable that default queue?

    Anyone aware of it, Please guide me.






    • Reghu

      What you read in the docs is true, we cannot disable that.  But there is a way we can make the default queue not chosen , by disabling Omnichannel, the downside is, that would disable the routing to agents as well.


      But your issue is not to disable the default queue. Your issue lies within your Assignment rules, which is not finding the Customer service queue (something wrong with your rule conditions) that is making it goes to Default. 

      Note: Default queue is the last option the application chooses. If it doesn't find any other queue as per your assignment configurations.

      • Shaheela D

        Hi Reghu,

        In assignment rules I have mapped with only one queue with the below condition

        if(Status == 'new' && Channel=='ORA_SVC_CUSTOMER_UI') 

        Once the condition satisfied, it will go to Customer service.

        But we have achieved through custom script on triggers.




    • JustRhianna

      Do you have a screenshot of the assignment rules?