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    Parmit Choudhury
    PCMCS Testing and Smartview Template
    Topic posted October 23, 2019 by Parmit ChoudhuryGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Allocations, Data Validation, PCM, Reports, SmartView 
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    PCMCS Testing and Smartview Template
    PCMCS Testing and Smartview Template


    I want to know what is the best possible way that the client can verify that the Allocation Model is allocating data into the correct data locations?

    Is it possible with  Rule Balancing interface or Manage Queries screen? Or does the client have to use SmartView to check all the intersections i.e., expand on all the Node levels to see the granular base members?


    We are trying to figure out a less time consuming way for the client to see where data has been allocated on a granular level in or outside of Smartview i.e., the client wants to check for 3,000 items rather than 1 top level. Doing this on SmartView would be extremely time consuming.

    Any Suggestions on this will be helpful.

    Best Regards




    • Law

      Hi Parmit.

      I suppose the answer would probably depend on what the "Correct Data Location" is. Presumably if it's known, I'd produce an FRS report to produce a bird's eye summary and have the customer drill in if discrepancies exist.

      For a customer i've worked with as an example we expected all values to be allocated out of a number of products so we created a few high level rec reports:

      1. Report 1 - Pre and Post allocated
        1. Aim of this was just to show that pre and post is the same
      2. Report 2 - Unallocated amounts
        1. Aim of this was to just show amounts unallocated and amounts in products that were unexpected
      3. Report 3 - HIgh level summary report of the allocated amount in each product with a % split and variance against prior
        1. Aim was to provide an indicative view of the allocated proportions and how it differed from previous post-allocated amounts

      You've mentioned the client wants to check 3,000 items. How do they know it's indicatively correct if they look at the value at such a granular level?

      • Alecsandra Mlynarzek

        Hi Parmit, 

        I completely agree with Law - if you have granular reports, how do you know if they are truly balancing out.

        So you want to start from the top, check total amounts first and then have templates to drill into the low-level detail numbers. You can use the Rule balancing report for a lof of quick reporting - just setup multiple Model Views that can be selected from the rule Balancing dropdown. These reports are dynamic and accessible to your PCM users, so they should be a pretty good first choice. 

        Whenever you set up granular reports the biggest issue will be maintenance. Unless they are dynamic, you are better off focusing on top-level validations and training your users on how to do the drill through to bottom level members.

        I hope this helps.

        Kind regards,


        • Parmit Choudhury

          Thanks Law and Alecs.

          I would also like to know that can we also use "Manage Queries" tile in PCMCS application we can  generate a Source, Driver (if applicable), and Destination Offset reports of various Rulesets.

          Best Regards