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    Hide "Reports Job" under New Menu in Analytics...
    Topic posted August 16, 2018 by SwamyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, OTBI, Report Delivery, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Hide "Reports Job" under New Menu in Analytics page
    How to hide "Reports Job" under New Menu in Analytics page


    I am trying to hide "Reports Job" under New in analytics page (highlighted in the screenshot). Currently it is visible for all the users (I guess its probably due to BI Consumer role) and we have a request to hide it for employees who has BI Consumer role. I looked at the Manage Privileges in the Administration but couldn't find any options to hide it for BI Consumer.  Any suggestion how to handle this request?




    • Julian Challenger

      Moved to the correct forum.

    • Christian Berg

      BI Publisher rights aren't managed through OBIEE privileges, but through Application Policies in Enterprise Manager:

      In your Weblogic domain go to Security -> Application Policies.

      Then choose the principal in question - the Application Role you want to remove the rights from - and then remove the BI Publisher access rights you want to have eliminated.

    • Christian Berg

      @Swamy so did you just give up on this? the forums are there for information *exchange*.

      Abandoning threads and not saying "this helped" or "no it didn't help" doesn't provide value to anybody.

      • Swamy

        Hi Christian, 

        I still have the issue. Unfortunately i am unable to follow the information you have provided in the above comment. Since the Authourization Policy manager is no more used in the latest releases, not sure how to make changes in the policy. Is there any screenshot available with you ?


        • Saresh Namboorissery

          Hi Swamy,

          Please check the Note 1256785.1 -OBIEE 11g: How to remove New Report Job menu item for BIConsumer users .


        • Christian Berg

          Enterprise Manager -> biinstance -> Security -> Application Policies -> select the application stripe "obi"

          Image result for obiee manage application policy

          Find the role your want to NOT have access and remove the policies from that role.