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    Brian L.
    Adding Holidays to SLAs?
    Topic posted March 21, 2017 by Brian L.Bronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Adding Holidays to SLAs?

    We're running into issues adding Holidays to existing SLAs and then the SLA is not being picked up. I've reviewed this KB article ( ), but I can't seem to find any logical justification for assigning SLAs in this manner (at contact level).

    How do other users add calendar holidays to their SLAs without re-creating all of them?

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    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Brian.

      When creating an SLA it is important to know that this is the case when making a change. That is why it is very important to have a good SLA that does not require any changes. (unfortunately this is wisdom afterwards) There is another answer in the KB more suitable to your question:

      - Adding a holiday to an existing SLA:  If the holiday is added to the response requirements of an existing SLA (that has statistics associated to it), a new version of an SLA will be created.  When this occurs, the original terms of the SLA will still apply to any records that were associated to the SLA prior to the inclusion of the new Holiday.  Therefore, if you wish for the new terms of the SLA to be applied to these records, steps will need to be taken to reassociate the records to the new version of the SLA.

      - Creating a new holiday: When a new holiday is created via the Holiday editor, the SLAs are not affected.  However, if the new holiday is then associated to an existing SLA a new version of the SLA will be created (as is described just above).

      I believe the logic behind it comes from the word "Agreement" in SLA where the idea behind it is that you have some sort of agreement with your customers and would need a new agreement when making a change.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Brian.

      I found the following post in the Idea Lab that you might want to vote for (I just voted myself) :-)

      Update Response Requirement Holidays without having to reapply SLA instances

    • Brian L.

      Thanks Sebastiaan - I found that idea also before I posted this thread. I vented my frustration there as well. We have over 600K contacts in our database and having to run an import to update the SLAs is pretty ridiculous.

      Add to the fact that the Import Wizard can only handle a max of 5k records at a time and can see my dilemma.