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    Stefanie Rosenberg
    Announcing a New Tour Video for EPM Cloud
    Topic posted June 17, 2019 by Stefanie RosenbergRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Country by Country, Current Tax, Supplemental Data, Task Manager, Tax Account Rollforward 
    Announcing a New Tour Video for EPM Cloud
    A Tour of EPM Cloud and a Tour of Tax Reporting.

    Overview: Tour of EPM Cloud

    Need a world-class EPM Cloud solution? Don’t settle for a partial, configuration-heavy solution that will clunk your business along, data silo by silo, process by disjointed process. Oracle EPM Cloud provides agile, connected, and purpose-built solutions to give you the insight you need to outpace change. #EPMCloud

    Available on the EPM Cloud Playlist

    Overview: Tour of Tax Reporting

    Hey Controllers and CAOs! Wan in a strong tax compliance framework that aligns tax reporting with corporate financial reporting for full transparency and accountability? Let Oracle EPM Cloud – the industry’s most complete and agile EPM solution – simplify and optimize your tax – related activities with and end tax solution featuring tax automation, data collection, tax provision calculation,  and integration with tax compliance software. #EPMCloud

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