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    Doug Smidebush
    Converting Leads with Activity
    Topic posted March 2, 2017 by Doug SmidebushBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core SFA, Customer Data Mgmt, Setup and Maintenance, UX 
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    Converting Leads with Activity
    Can Activity be mapped for Lead to Opportunity?

    By default, when a Lead is converted to an Opportunity, Activity and Notes are not mapped to that Opportunity.  When reviewing the Entity Mappings, the "From" list includes Account, Contact, and other sources (see the attached image), but nothing about Activity.

    Is there a way that any Activity or Notes associated with a Lead can be mapped to the resulting Opportunity?  When the Opportunity is created, we don't want to lose visibility to any customer contact that happened previously. I realize that you could follow the trail back through the original Lead, but that would take too much time.







    • Kerry Cleland

      In Release 13 Lead to Opportunity copy map can be modified to associate lead activities, and copy lead notes and attachments to the opportunity. The 'From' dropdown will include the three additional objects. 
      An administrator can specify which activities to associate to the converted opportunity based on the activity type, status, due date and private flag. Additionally, conditions can be defined to update the owner of associated activities during conversion.
      Also, a new lead profile option is available to define which mapping is in use.  This profile option can be updated to point to a new seeded mapping which includes activity, notes,and attachments in the conversion.

    • Doug Smidebush

      Thank you, Kerry. We will look forward to that in R13.


      In the meantime, does anyone know of any workarounds?  Could a trigger be added to Lead, which would update all Activity associated with the Lead by adding the Opportunity?

    • Paul White

      Would it make more sense to associate the Activities to the Contact?

      If so, does this currently happen when a Lead is converted and:

      a) the contact is created at that time (i.e., as part of the convert process)?

      b) the Lead had a Contact that was already created linked as the Primary Contact (i.e., are all Activities associated with the Lead also automatically linked to the primary Contact when the lead is converted)?