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    Do efficiency study on all tasks in the system and then...
    Idea posted April 20, 2018 by Eric VanAukenBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Advanced Learning, Assessments/Surveys, Assignments/Gradebook, Categories, Communications, Control Center, Courses/Classes, Dynamic Objects/Group Filters, eCommerce, Enrollments, External Training, ILT, Learning, Learning Object Manager, Prerequisites, Public Sector, Release Communications, Reporting, Resource Manager, Social, Sub Learning Centers, Users, VILT, Workflows 
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    Do efficiency study on all tasks in the system and then optimize the approach
    There are many things that cause the admins to be inefficient. Please see what a normal person does in the system and then optimize how it works
    Use Case and Business Need:

    There are many things that cause the admins to be inefficient.   Please see what a normal person does in the system and then optimize how it works.  


    I have written many suggestions here on how many steps a person has to do to add something or how the system brings you back to the front screen vs. what you are working on, ...etc     I think its time that Oracle actually worked with some Administrators to watch how they do their work and see the inefficiencies in the system.    I am sure that if someone took the time to go into the system and change the base settings or what was allowed that most administrators could or would save up to 50% of their time spent in the system daily.   


    There are too many steps in the system that are wasteful and cause much grief.   Being a six sigma lean person this system needs leaning out!!!!

    Vote this up so that they can start looking at how best to lean out the system!!!!



    • Kristina Ibach

      I voted on this Eric! I've seen this come up previously where others have asked if/when the items that are suggested in the ideas lab get addressed. Seems as if they only get reviewed if there are a lot of votes. However, some that may not even get a lot of votes are CRITICAL items, such as this which cause headache to system administrators who could be spending their time more efficiently on other items vs. being in situations where these types of basic functions should already exist.

    • Eric VanAuken

      Thanks  and agreed it seems that you need tons of votes and the items that cause the basic every day issues never boil to the top because many users have been dealing with the issues so long that they feel it is how it should work vs. how it can best work.


      I would love to see Oracle show up at OHUG and do a usability study from the many people there and get ideas on how people actually use the system and how to best organize the system to make it operationally more efficient 

    • Steven Lema

      There are a lot of tools available to do this studies, we use HotJar to see how are users are using the front end. We are adjusting our learncenter as we speak to a new optimized design. Voted!

    • Eric VanAuken

      Thanks Steven,  Yes I agree there are tons of tools to do the study.   It would be nice if Oracle did this as I think they would find some of their basic settings are very very inefficient for its users.   I think they would find that some easy basic upgrades would go so much further than some of the features they are adding in as we speak.

    • Magdalena Foley

      Great idea, you have my vote!