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    Chaitanya Kobula
    Negotiatiating a PD item in Sourcing Cloud
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Chaitanya KobulaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Product Development, SCM 
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    Negotiatiating a PD item in Sourcing Cloud
    Possibility to add a PD item in negotiations & purchase documents


    We are starting to think on using PD for creation & managing our private label items (own brand) & associated 'product design & development' processes. All these items will eventually move to Product Hub when they are ready for commercialization phase.

    Typically in our business, when the product manager starts designing/developing a private label item, at some point in that process - he/she would prefer to also do the negotiation for that item with the supplier and agree a price + have it on a BPA. To be able to add items into negotiation/BPA - the operational attributes 'Purchasable' & 'Purchased' needs to be set to 'Yes'.

    We would like to know if this is possible on a PD item.

    Thank you in advance!


    Chaitanya Kobula

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    • Charu Roy

      There is no 'tight' integration available from PD Item directly. However you could

      • listen to Item or Change Order events on ICS and have other solutions react to it.
      • Other option is to allow users to be notified via a SEND action from PD item (some message and link to that PD Item)
      • start a conversation in OSN on the item, negotiation tactics etc.
      • include the sourcing team in the NIR process, where every team can get to weigh in on the new item being introduced
      • include the sourcing team in the Change Order process for those items being introduced into the enterprise, or whose lifecyle is being changed
      • etc


      • Chaitanya Kobula

        Hi Charu,

        Thank you for your response.

        Since the item record created in Fusion is common and can be referred/used in other modules in Fusion, our requirement is that while the item is in PD (development phase), the 'Buyers' in the organization should be able to include such item records in a Negotiation in Sourcing cloud to agree on price with the suppliers/manufacturers and record the agreed price by adding that item as a line in Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in Purchasing cloud.

        It is not clear from the options you listed above if this is possible or not.


        Chaitanya Kobula