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    Tony Roff
    Daily Report that highlights supplier submitted invoices
    Topic posted November 5, 2019 by Tony RoffBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Cloud Connector, BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, Fusion Project reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports, Tip 
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    Daily Report that highlights supplier submitted invoices



    Please can someone advise how to set up a report that can be scheduled daily to provide us with any new invoices that have been submitted by the supplier since the last time the report was run?









    • Glen Ryen
      Hi Tony, Are you looking for invoices emailed to the inbox for scanning (AIP)? Or submitted how so? Glen
    • nathan morgan (at Client)

      Assuming your "report was last run" as a scheduled process then here is a query to get the times a report was completed as a scheduled process if that helps you define your date range for invoices between "since the last time the report was run" and "now"

      select all count(*) over (partition by null) as n
      , t.value
      , h.completedtime
      --, t.*
      --, h.* 
      from ess_request_property t
      inner join ess_request_history h
      on (t.requestid = h.requestid)
      where (1=1)
      and (lower(t.value) like lower('%.xdo')) 
      order by null

    • Koteswararao Yenikepalli


      You can create a one BIP report and have one date condition like creation_date = sysdate  (By this condition you will get the number of the invoices submitted on  the same day)

      and then you can schedule this report by every day,


      if you wanted to send the supplier invoices to his/her email address then we have to write the bursting definitions 

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thank You.