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    Creating Custom Account Analysis Report
    Topic posted February 15, 2019 by SmartDog Services, last edited February 17, 2019, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, OBIEE Answers, Reports 
    Creating Custom Account Analysis Report
    Create Account Parameter(Similar to Oracle seeded Account Analysis Report) in Custom BI report(ESS Job)


    I am creating a custom bI report similar to Oracle seeded account analysis report which needs to be submitted using ESS job.

    One of the parameters which I need on the custom is account and it needs to have the same LOV structure as we have in the seeded account analysis report.

    I have attached document and image which shows the current Account parameter in the seeded report for reference.

    I have tried all the available option in Page Element(choice list, list of values) while creating the parameter of custom ESS job, but no luck.

    Could someone please guide me if it's possible to achieve this requirement in custom ess job?


    Thanks in advance.