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    Steve Moreland
    Budgeting - Public Sector within GL
    Topic posted October 1, 2019 by Steve MorelandGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Budgetary Control, General Ledger, Public Sector 
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    Budgeting - Public Sector within GL
    Public Sector entities doing Budgeting Directly in Cloud GL

    My client, a public sector entity, has decided to postpone deployment of EPM for budgeting.  This will mean that, at least initially, they will need to upload their budgets directly into Cloud Budgetary Control/GL.

    I am seeking guidance from other public sector entities that deal with this scenario.  Are there any challenges or considerations when executing?

    Client budgets by department and parent-level expenditure account for the entire fiscal year (for instance, total salaries for the year - not individual salary expense accounts).

    Cloud Version 19C



    • Linda Wong

      You will have to load the budget separately to Budgetary Control and GL.  You can load budget at summary level to Budgetary Control, but GL only accepts budget at detail account combination level, so identify the parent level you budget at and load the budget to one of the child accounts that roll up to it.