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    Brian Burns
    Is it possible to create an invoice Line DFF that...
    Topic posted May 31, 2019 by Brian BurnsBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Is it possible to create an invoice Line DFF that Pulls/defaults the value at the Header Level
    We have a DFF on the line for project information called: Vendor Name. This should be the same as the Supplier Name at the invoice header. I'm looking to see if it's possible to default it

    On the invoice header we have supplier name. On our invoice line we have "Vendor Name" as a DFF using column Attribute 1. This field is in the project section of the invoice line. The Vendor Name on the line should always match the supplier name on the invoice header. Because they are 2 separate fields that aren't related a user can put in a supplier name on the header then put in a different name on the Vendor Name attribute in the line. I'm trying to prevent this by seeing if it is possible to default that value based on whatever is inserted in the Header Section: Supplier Name.




    • Becky Alvarez

      Not that I know of because you need to enter the supplier before you enter the line.  If you use Purchase Order then the Supplier will default from the Purchase Order and the user cannot change it.

    • Brian Burns

      I know in the AP: Invoice Line Context Sensitive I can click on edit and then there are some options to default. My thought is for non-matched invoices, when a user inserts the header info and clicks save, this saves the info to the AP_Invoices_all table. When the vendor opens up the line by clicking "+" to create a line there could be some type of way to pull the supplier entered at the header but I haven't gotten this to work. Once issue, I'm not sure how to SQL in order to pull the supplier header from the invoice that I'm currently in or just saved.

    • Glen Ryen

      Hi Brian,

      Any SQL you code for the initial default wouldn't be able to reference another field on the page, unfortunately.  So you can't do what you're looking for, at least not directly.  But some thoughts:

      • You can code a BI Publisher report to look for any instances where the Supplier Name on the Invoice Header doesn't match the DFF value, that could be an automated alert.  So you wouldn't catch it at the time of invoice creation if a user entered a mismatch, but you can try to catch it before the mismatch causes issues downstream.
      • You could embed a BI Publisher report to alert whoever's entering the Invoice about the mismatch, before they submit validation/approval.
      • If you use invoice approval, have you customized the BPM notification there?  That notification could probably highlight a DFF mismatch to the approver(s), who could reject the Invoice before it goes to PPM.
      • Do you have a PaaS tool available, like Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, etc.?  Something like that could pull a list of invoices that have been saved and it could call the API to set the DFF at the line level.

      We've taken approaches like those before for similar requirements, let me know if that helps.



      • Brian Burns

        Thanks Glen,

        I'll take a look at those options. I did create an invoice approval rule that kicks off before our manage approval rules so that does stop it if it happens prior to going to anyone to approve. Embedding a BI Publisher report alert to whoever's entering the invoice before they submit validation/approval is a very interesting option as well. Is that able to be embedded directly in the Invoice UI? 

        Thanks again for your thoughts as I have a few different avenues to explore.



    • Glen Ryen

      Hi Brian,

      There was a good discussion here on the embedded report option,  Feasible, but I'd just ask if you have other pre-validation requirements that you'd like to enforce.  If it's just the one check of (line DFF = supplier on header), an embedded report might be overkill for you.  Plus it leaves the burden on the user entering the invoice, the same person who should be following procedures and setting those two values to the same supplier in the first place.

      An alert driven off a custom report might be your simplest option, just to identify the AP folks that aren't following procedures and make sure you reinforce training there.  But I also don't know the implications in your environment of the occasional mismatch slipping through to PPM.  How tightly do you need to control that, realistically?  How often do you import AP costs to PPM?  Could the validation be there?