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    Alice Mazodier
    How to prioritize scheduling when creating orders by batch
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Alice MazodierBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management 
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    How to prioritize scheduling when creating orders by batch


    we can create thousands of orders via one import batch.
    Some of these orders have to be scheduled/reserved before the others. My idea was to position the orders within the import file according to their priority. However when importing for example 1 to 1000 orders, the system created them randomly, completely disregarding the order in the import file.

    What do you suggest to handle this priority for the schedule and reservation step, which are ‘automatic enabled’ in the orchestration process?

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    • Venkatesh Malapati

      There is no guaranty the sequence that is in the import file will be followed while the orders are imported as import can be run in multiple threads. Also the sequence in which the orders are scheduled depends on which of the lines get to the scheduling task/step even within that order. The orchestration is at the line level and each line is orchestrated independently unless all the lines are in a ship set or the lines are part of a model/kit. So the sequence in which the line hits the scheduling task is likely to be the influencing factor in terms of the sequence that is likely to be followed for scheduling and which is dependent on multitude of factors such system load conditions, which import thread/webservice threads/SOA threads run quicker. So the sequence in the import file shouldn't be relied for any scheduling sequencing/priority.

      You probably may want to either evaluate manual scheduling if the number of lines that you are trying to schedule are small in number or may have to use the override scheduling mode. Both of these are recommended only for small set of lines.

      You can import the orders where the orchestration process is setup to require Manual Scheduling and then using GOP check availability UI you can reorder the lines using the override priority. This option is recommended only for small number of lines. You need to multi-select the lines and then select check availability option as shown in the attached screenshot.

      Please also check on the with Supply Chain Planning team for the timelines & availability of the backlog management which might possibly be a fit for this scenario. Which customer is this needed for and are they already live?

    • Kiran Bhadran


      Do we have a Requested date populated on the sales order lines?