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    Jenny Tan
    Smart View version 800 and 710
    Topic posted December 11, 2018 by Jenny TanBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Essbase, Smart View 
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    Smart View version 800 and 710
    Adaptation Issues?

    Hi, most of our users are using smart view version 710 and our report layouts (both standard smart view and function reports) are also created with version 710.

    I think the latest version now is 800?

    Does anyone know if installing version 800 will cause an issue refreshing the reports we have?

    Smart view 710



    • Ashish Jain

      The latest version is actually 810.

      can you provide more details on what you mean by function report?

      Also, when you say standard smart view reports, i assum these are the standard grids generated by drilling down into members. is that correct?

      what version of essbase are you on?

      • Jenny Tan

        Functions reports are those using the HS functions via private connections.

        Standard smart view report are generated via adhoc feature in smart view.