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    Edit automatically created work definition
    Topic posted September 21, 2019 by VJRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Work Execution 
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    Edit automatically created work definition
    Edit automatically created work definition

    Client has a requirement to automatically create work definition based on item structure but would like to edit or create new version post automatic creation.  While trying to navigate to work definition, the WD name is greyed out.  Is this an intended functionality or are there any configuration that would be required?  Are there any other option to address this requirement.

    Appreciate your inputs.






    • Yuana Kumala

      It is intended that an automatic work definition cannot be edited, except for its production priority and costing priority.

      In an automatic work definition, changes to the item structure are synchronized automatically to the work definition, and hence there is really no need to edit the work definition. Can you please clarify why the customer would like to edit an automatic work definition? Thanks.

      • VJ

        Client has a requirement to modify the default resources for the auto generated work definition.  i.e., for some auto-generated work definition, additional resources are required to be added over and above the default resources.  The only way now is to update the work order post which is a time consuming activity.

    • Yuana Kumala

      If it is known ahead of time which automatic work definitions require additional resources, you can set up multiple standard operations, each with its own resource requirements. Depending on which resource requirements is applicable, set the appropriate standard operation as the Default for automatic work definition, then create the automatic work definition.

      However, if the resource requirements are not known ahead of time, then you will have to create a manual work definition, in order to update resources. Hope it helps. Thanks.