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    Deepika Nathany
    Punchout - Restrict Supplier Website categories
    Topic posted July 25, 2018 by Deepika NathanySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Requisition Processing 
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    Punchout - Restrict Supplier Website categories

    So if a supplier provides only a few categories to my client - Like the supplier probably has 10 categories but the customer uses only 5 out of them...  

    Yes - we will create mapping set for only those 5.

    My client wanted to know -- when we jump to the suppliers website -- Is there a possibility to see only those 5 categories that they would order from?

    I was wondering if the supplier needs to do something or have a different ordering url or something? Or can this be done at all?



    • Dev Thota


      That functionality is not available.

      Why means supplier is not restrict his website based on customers, Suppliers maintain one common website for all suppliers.


      Dev Thota.

    • Deepika Nathany

      I agree -- the supplier cannot restrict his website.

      But I somehow think -- this is being designed this way -- Maybe it not available now  or maybe there is a way to configure for this way.

      Hence the question here....

    • Suman Guha

      Supplier's catalog content should be customized based on the customer user. This includes both filtering of content to only approved items as well as customer specific pricing.

    • Deepika Nathany

      Thanks Suman -- So the supplier will have an additional task to restrict his catalog based on the customer right?

      I guess that should be identified by the Identity field in the Catalog creation.

      Kindly let me know your thoughts.

      • Suman Guha

        That is correct. I assume this to be very common especially for suppliers whose websites also cater to consumers directly. As an example, just because the site sells candies, you don't want such choices to be presented in your punchout site necessarily.


      • Catherine Hull

        yes, I've heard commonly phrased that an internal catalog places the setup and maintenance on a client user. Conversely using a punchout/external catalog places the setup and maintenance on the supplier. Pending on how the punchout logs into the supplier's page, the content will be restricted to what the client agrees to with the supplier and what the supplier sets up.