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    Harshavardhan Konathala
    Incentive compensation - Credit Category Summary Details
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    Incentive compensation - Credit Category Summary Details
    Credit Category places a crucial role in calculating Earnings, A detailed report shows earning on credit category

    Business Use Case:

    Compensation Plans Ranking

    Subject Areas used – IC Earnings Real Time

    Who can use this report (Roles)? - Incentive Compensation Manager Incentive Compensation Manager/ Sales VP/ Analyst

    Credit Category places a crucial role in calculating Earnings, based on the weight% of credit category an earning can be decided. Hence one of the most desirable report to check earnings came out on credit categories.

    Being an incentive compensation analyst setting up credit category importance in earning calculations is crucial, the below report will give a detailed layout by Year – Quarter-wise on how much is the transaction amount and what are their respective earnings.

    Incentive compensation manager can validate the earnings paid out based on the credit category and can decide the weight% of credit category in earning calculations.

    Participant and Participant Manager want to find out the Credits from which an Earning was generated and if the Earning has been paid, then the details of the Payment Transaction.

    Earning Amount Status:

    The first bar chart gives you glance of earning amount status on credit category, i.e on a credit category in this Year – Quarter how much earning amount was ‘Calculated’ and ‘Reversed’.

    Credit, Transaction and Earning Amounts:

    The second bar visual gives an info about on a credit category in a particular Year – Quarter how much is the credit, transaction and earning amounts. We can do a comparison over the quarters.


    All the below dashboards, reports are made based on the Oracle standard diction on formatting and layouts

    Users are allowed to download the .catlog file and make their own customizations.

    How to deploy:

    1. Un-archive “Earnings on Credit Category. Catalog” file using any of the user accounts which has the Un-archive privilege
    2. Ensure that you un-archive it under /shared/custom folder to retain the references that the dashboard has to those individual files (else you may correct those again in the dashboard)

    Implementation notes:

    1. The data fetched is for the selected Year (Mandatory Prompt), Quarter.
    2. On the visuals, you are allowed to see only one Year  Quarter values at a time. A detailed report which is displaying next to visuals will give complete information on the year.