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    Julie Eldridge
    Contact information?!
    Topic posted October 20, 2016 by Julie EldridgeGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Contact information?!
    Account team unresponsive

    Good Morning - 

    Perhaps some of you have encountered this recently as well.  Our sales team and account team has been turned over and replaced.  We were given a name of an individual, upon emailing him found out that he is in training and not available, his boss (also new) would try to help us.   Multiple messages have gone unresponded to by this individual as well.

    Our account needs some attention, been in the works for nearly a year.   Anyone have any recommendations on who to reach out to?  This is quite frustrating.





    • Doreen Kephart
      Julie - we recently had a lot of change with our account representation as
      well, and it was a little confusing to us.
      If you want to email me directly, I have a group manager name I can pass
      along, and she has been quite helpful.
    • Mark Cook

      Hi Julie,

      You might try if the contacts you have are not being responsive.



    • Jane Veader

      Hi all - I've exchanged a few messages with Julie and for the time being, it seems like the account team is getting back to her.  Thanks for your responses.