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    Dalia Giai
    Planned resources can start working when are assigned to the...
    Topic posted December 2, 2017 by Dalia GiaiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    Planned resources can start working when are assigned to the project
    The resource is still planned, not confirmed by resource department but still the team menber can update the task and start his work.Request: The PM profile can assign the resources to the project, only when it has been approved by the resource manager Without approval it should not be possible to start with the Project.



    • Simon Ball

      This post was answered via the Support forums; including excerpts from that thread for completeness and to share with the community:

      Customer provided additional detail re the business process: PMs are assigned to different projects, in the stages prior to the start the PM goes down to detail the tasks of the project and requests allocation of resources or profiles to the head of HR. (who knows the allocations of all the resources). It is who must approve or suggest resources to assign for each project based on skills and assignment. PPM has this approval, but it is inexplicable that it depends only on the PM to execute it and that the system does not require this approval in any way.

      Answer provided: Although we don't expressly prevent a user from accessing the tasks they are assigned to - note that often project planning is a collaborative process with the team adding tasks for consideration by the PM, (a resource is often closer to the actual work than the PM) - the following could help with your business process:
      1. Tasks ONLY appear in a team member's (resource's) work area for a project that is in an Active status. You could keep projects in a Draft status during the planning stage.
      2. An email is sent to a resource when they are assigned (confirmed/reserved) to a project assignment.