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    Shaina Spitzer Yakont
    Making emails personal
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Shaina Spitzer YakontRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Making emails personal
    Would like to make our agents email personal and not generic


    Today our customers receive and send emails to a generic email address of customer support. We would like to add a more personal touch and have agents with certain skills to have a personal email address for the customer to contact us with for example, We would like these emails to obviously come to the same mailbox for the agents point of view. 

    Is this something that anyone here has done? Or know how to do?




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I would personally advice my clients against having email addresses in signatures when working with OSVC. The reason for this is that from a cost perspective it is more desired to have customers being able to find the answers they need on the customer portal. Therefore a link to your knowledge base would make more sense as you otherwise encourage people to email you with any question they may have which you don't want as you have probably build a nice KB with smart assistant.

      But... if you insist on doing this, you could have your corporate email server redirect replies send to this address to your OSVC mailbox where they would come back in the flow of business rules.

      • Shaina Spitzer Yakont

        Hi Sebastian, 

        The customer would still contact us via the customer portal. What I want is, when we contact the customer back it will look like it is coming from a more personal email rather than simply We want it to say for exampla 

        Can you explain your solution some more please?

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Ah okay so, if I understand you correctly, it's not going to be used in a signature but instead should replace the friendly from address that is listed in the mailbox configuration settings?

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      In that case I think the only solution is to create additional mailboxes. These could be general service mailboxes, not hosted by Oracle.
      See: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle Service Cloud

      You could use a CPM that assigns the personalized mailbox to the right incident based on assigned account through a ROQL lookup where you compare the account email address in full (or partially through a regex) with the name of your new mailbox. If we take your name as an example, Shaina Spitzer Yakont, you have your email address in your account settings, say and you want to use this as your friendly from address to your customer.

      Create a new general service mailbox and give it the name
      Use the same in your friendly from address for this new email box:

      In your CPM you would then retrieve the current assigned accounts email address which would be
      You have this as a variable and use this variable in your ROQL query to get the mailbox with the same or similar name

      SELECT Mailbox.Name FROM Mailbox Where Mailbox.Name LIKE 'shaina%'

      This will retrieve the personal mailbox that has been created for you which you can than assign to the incident.
      All this will happen automatically (depending on your criteria) as soon as an incident gets assigned (as this will update the incident which will trigger the CPM)

      An alternative to CPM (you mentioned that only agents with certain skills would need one so it depends on the quantity) is to use 1 business rule per agent.
      IF incident assigned equals Shaina
      Then Set mailbox Shaina

      I think this is the only way to accomplish multiple friendly from addresses.

      1. Since General Service or Outreach Mailboxes are not hosted by Oracle, you (or a third party) will need to create them on the server that will be hosting them.

      2. The mailbox will then need to be added via Site Configuration > Mailboxes as either a service mailbox or an outreach mailbox.

      a. Select New > New Outreach Mailbox or New Service Mailbox, depending on what type this will be used for, and fill in a name for the mailbox
      b. If this mailbox will send outgoing emails, in the Outgoing Email section, fill in the Envelope From / Bounce Address
      c. If this mailbox will process incoming emails, in the Incoming Email section, fill in the POP Server, POP Account and Password fields
      d. If this will be the default outreach or service mailbox, be sure to check the Default box.

    • Justin

      i agree, you should probably look at purchasing your own pop email adresses ( if you dont already have them) and just add those as service mailboxes and use business rules/workspace rules to change the mailbox of the incident to the one of the assigned account. It would be very labor intensive but if your support is a higher tier very in depth ( like if you supported hosted servers and were interacting with service admins instead of like a general end user) then this type of personalization is what sets your product apart from a competitor.