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    Ronnie Toerien
    Employee data stored in the Cloud
    Topic posted April 25, 2019 by Ronnie Toerien, tagged HCM, Public Sector, Security 
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    Employee data stored in the Cloud
    What Employee data, if any, is stored in the Cloud in a hybrid environment with EBS Core HR and Cloud Talent Management

    We have a Government customer in Africa who currently has EBS Core HR and Payroll and we are trying to convince them to start the migration to Cloud with Talent Management first.  As a Government, we suspect that they are going to be concerned with confidential Employee data sitting in the Cloud and are trying to pre-empt this objection.

    Do you perhaps know  how much “Employee Data” , if any, sits in the Cloud in a hybrid environment with Core HR on-premise and Talent Management in the Cloud?

    Appreciate something formal that I can go back to the customer with.




    • Kristopher Thornsbury

      Hi Ronnie,

      I think this really depends on what's required to drive talent management processes. It will require names and employment (job, department, grade, employment status) information at the least. The talent management aspect will result in employees adding additional details to their talent profile, and data about their performance being accumulated in the cloud as well. The cloud can certainly support additional information if you need it to drive talent management processes, but this would be the least amount of information required.