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    Christopher Tarabochia
    Are you new to Customer Portal?
    Topic posted June 30, 2010 by Christopher TarabochiaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited November 8, 2011 
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    Are you new to Customer Portal?

    Welcome to Customer Portal. I would recommend the following approach towards learning Customer Portal:

    1. Get Started

    2. Explore Resources

    3. Get Help


    If you are new to using Customer Portal. I would highly recommend the Getting Started Section within the Developer Guide. This will ensure you have setup your environment correctly.

    Developer Guide


    User Manual - Standard User Manual for Customer Portal:

    Customer Portal User Manual

    Sample Code - Sample Widgets and Templates for learning Customer Portal:

    Developer Guide

    PHP and JavaScript Reference - API documentation for the Developer:

    Developer Guide

    3. GET HELP

    Use this Forum for all your Customer Portal Questions and Comments. No question is too big or small. We have Developers, Product Managers, Technical Product Managers and Customer Advocates monitoring this forum to help you. So post away!



    • Thillai S

      Hello All,

      I need to Hide/ Disable the "Expected Input" dynamic validation popup for Phone number in Customer Portal. I am able to hide the "Mask" label by setting "always_show_mask = false". Similar way, I need to also Hide / Disable the "Expected Input" dynamic validation popup. Please help me on this. Attached the screenshot for reference.

    • Nancy Strickland

      Another "getting started" resource is the introductory videos here: