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    Joe Steinbrenner
    Form shows error when switching from WFP to FS
    Topic posted March 21, 2019 by Joe SteinbrennerSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Financial Planning, Planning, Workforce 
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    Form shows error when switching from WFP to FS
    Form shows error when switching from WFP to FS

    In Workforce we are planning by individual Legal Entitiy, however in Financials we "up-leveled" Legal Entity and we are using "Company Assumptions" instead. 

    If I plan in Workforce and then head over to  "Expenses" in Financials (i.e. Trend Based Expense Planning) I am getting an error:

    "You are trying to open the form, but cannot because all of the required dimensions are not present"

    Then I have to go back to WFP and switch the LegalEntity from i.e LE100 to "Company Assumptions" in order to see the form. I guess the reason is that the system keeps the last used LegalEntity in the Cache, realizes that LE100 is not in the Financials app and gives me an error.

    Does anybody know how to fix this issue? If we can't find a workaround, end users will refuse to use the system indecision








    • Peter Nitschke

      You're pretty much on the money - it's trying to carry over the entity that you're querying in workforce when you move to expenses, and because it doesn't exist it throws an error. 

      That's not 'really' expected behaviour - but it doesn't test for essbase when transitioning, instead it just looks at 'whether member is in planning'.

      Honestly I'd just change the forms - by forcefully excluding that node from the form definition then it shouldn't try to transfer across. 

    • Matt Treml

      As Peter said there isn't much you can do except modify the forms to use a different user variable. We have a similar issue where we have an alternate hierarchy in WFP which causes duplicate members to show up when selecting the entity. If someone selects an entity in that alternate hierarchy and goes to Financials they face the same error. I logged an enhancement request around this as an easy solution from Oracle would be to allow the form to still load and let the user select a valid POV. Same type of issue can occur if the form returns to many rows and throws an error, then the user is either stuck trying to figure out on a different form what POV to change or go into user variables and guess which one caused it.

      This is the initial idea post and below is the Enhancement you can reference when logging an SR.


    • Joe Steinbrenner

      Thanks so much Matt and Peter,

      I guess the best way is to change the form. The only issue with this approach is that then the form is "customized" and will not be upgraded if new features are added. And we tried so hard to keep everything "out of the box"....

      Matt, I opened an SR and referenced your Enhancement Request...


      • Matt Treml

        Joe, Instead of updating the form you may want to make a copy of the form. This way you can evaluate after updates if anything has changed. This approach will require navigation updates but I'm assuming you'd probably doing that anyway.



        • Joe Steinbrenner

          Thanks Matt. We have done that with another form (copy the OOB form and customized it to fit our needs and updated the navigation flow). 

          This works, but creates additional admin tasks that we were trying to prevent by using the OOB forms...

          The Enhancement Request number is:ER 29526781