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    Lieuwe Wondaal
    Starting activities automatically
    Topic posted September 24, 2018 by Lieuwe Wondaal, tagged API / Integration, Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management 
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    Starting activities automatically
    Can the system start activities automatically when the technician has arrived on the location, by using geofencing?

    Hi community,

    Does Oracle Field Service Cloud have functionality which can automatically start activities when a technician arrives at the activity location? Our customer has a desire to use this.








    • Thiyag

      Do you have all the customer details saved with exact Longitude and Latitude? Since most of the customers don't have the proper address stored against a customer.

      • Lieuwe Wondaal

        The activities are mostly for internal assets, so we can assume that the available location information is reliable.

    • shankar

      Hi, I am not sure if it is available via configuration. I know that there is a product in marketplace which does this requirement. If you have smart location enabled then you might need to write logic in the middletier to identify if any jobs are near to the co-ordinates being sent across from external system and basing on the job & smart location co-ordinates, you can update the activity status