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    David Archbold
    Unable to Create Service Connection to FA Services
    Topic posted October 16, 2019 by David Archbold, tagged Services 
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    Unable to Create Service Connection to FA Services
    Create Service Connection raises 'The user is not authorized'

    Running OIC-Classic version

    Creating a Service Connection to the FA Instance registered in Settings, raises:

    Error loading FA Services

    Error: The user is not authorized

    The user account that is logged into OIC has the following roles in Fusion Applications:

    1) IT Security Manager

    2) Integration Specialist

    3) Role to use HCM REST Services

    The VB documentation does not detail what roles are required in FA to use this feature.

    Can anyone assist?

    Many thanks!



    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Which URL do you have set in your FA registered instance in the setting?

      Try just the https://servername/ without the rest of the URL, and see if it works.

      Also try the full URL to the service catalog in a browser windows to see if you get it from outside VB.

    • David Archbold

      Shay - thanks for taking time to reply.

      Within VB Settings we have:

      Fusion Applications BASE URL:

      If I navigate in the same browser session to the following URL, I get the REST payload for the interface catalogs


      We are running FA version R13 - 19D


      • Shay Shmeltzer

        To fix this we would need to inspect your specific environment setting - please open a service request with Oracle Support and provide those details there.

        This will allow us to check your specific FA instance to see where the issue is.