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    Rich Lines
    Approve / reject via email notification not working
    Topic posted October 29, 2018 by Rich LinesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, How-To, Setup 
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    Approve / reject via email notification not working
    We cannot approve various tasks using the links in the email notification

    We have recently had a 'Live' to 'Test' environment refresh. It has become apparent that when using the approve / reject links in the email notification, the desired action is not working. The email populates as expected and when it is sent we get no error messages. The tasks remain in a pending approval state until the task is approved in another way (BPM worklist etc).

    We always have to switch our email notifications back on when this refresh takes place - which I have done (ADMIN tab within BPM Worklist > change notification mode to ALL - this is how we have if in our live environment). I have checked a related task - e.g. ReqApproval but the 'Make Notifications Actionable' seems to be checked.

    Any ideas on what may be causing this, what setting I need to amend to make them work again?




    • Andrei Feleaga

      Hello, Is approval from Bell/Worklist working?

    • Deepak Padhy

      Hi Rich - I think it is better raise an SR for support team to investigate on this.


      • Rich Lines


        Thanks. I have raised an SR for the issue. I will update this topic with any diagnosis / fixes.



    • Shashi Boinapalli

      Hi Rich,

      is your issue resolved?




      • Rich Lines


        Funny you should ask this. We are currently in the process of testing the 19D upgrade in our test environment prior to it going live on 25th. We have encountered exactly the same issue this time around. Although the email is received (asking to approve / reject / request more information), when the link is clicked and the email sent, the requisition remains in 'Pending Approval' state. I have checked the ReqApproval task in Task Configuration and the 'Make Notifications Actionable' IS selected. I even unchecked this and re-checked it (and saved / committed task) but still the problem persists.

        Would you know of any resolution to this issue? 



        • Radenko Rudan


          We are also on 19D and I notice once you turn your notification Mode to None and save changes, then you return again to All nothing is happening. There is no more any email neuther bell notification. I run ESS process Syncronise notification status, but nothing is happenning. There are no email at all, neither bell notifications neither notifications on my worklist.

          I tested too a new option introduced as notification mode only to bell. Nothing is happenning. No more email, no notifications at all. Even if you switch your mode to all as it was. 

          Am I missing something or it is a bug?

          We have the same problem also with approval from email.

    • Ashok

      Dear Customers,

      Has any one of you raised an SR for this issue? Can you provide the SR details for tracking here?

    • Shashi Boinapalli

      Hi All,

      We had the same issue, but it was resolved now.

      Root Cause: E-mail notifications are disabled in SOA server-side

      Solution: open the SR with Oracle, they will enable the e-mail notifications and Bounce the server.

      Bouncing the server is very important. 




    • Radenko Rudan


      I just did a webex  with oracle consultant working on SR, and after verifying all setup, actually, system acts good.


      In-App notification works fine as well as approivng from E-mail.  



    • MerriH


      Our customer is also experiencing the approval via email is not approving requisitions - I have raised an SR,  Has everyone found the above resolution to fix the issues?

      Many Thanks