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    Sharath Chandra Gavini
    Dynamic Entities in ODA
    Topic posted February 4, 2019 by Sharath Chandra GaviniBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Bots 
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    Dynamic Entities in ODA
    Configure and populate Dynamic Entities

    Hi all,
    I am curious to use the dynamic entities provided in the latest version of ODA. How do I set up and use the dynamic entities inside my skill?Any reference links and examples are much appreciated.

    Sharath Chandra Gavini.



    • Grant Ronald

      Sharath this feature was released primarily for our internal SaaS teams to use - it is not really officially "customer ready" although there are some details out and about on the internet - if you can await the full public release of this.



      • Sharath Chandra Gavini

        Thank you for the quick reply. 
        Is there any chance that I can test the feature now? There is a client requirement and this is exactly what we need to achieve. 
        I am just wondering if I need to set up a REST service and call an API to populate the entites, unsure of the payload though. I want to give a try with the payload with the properties similar to the columns in the csv format but I would love to hear confirmation from you.


    • Grant Ronald

      Nothing to stop you trying this but its not production ready